Let the Great Adventure Begin!

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A Cosmic Cowgirl Collaboration with Shiloh Sophia, Jenafer Joy and the IC Guild 

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A non-linear inner voyage   

to explore that which is just beyond your wildest imagination….

What does live just beyond your wildest imagination?

Have you ever been ‘there’? What or where is ‘there’?

Do you dare?

What if you discover something you have never known you knew
but nonetheless have known all the while?

There is a key to ‘there’ somewhere. Here. 

Here’s the Riddle. You have to go in to find out.
Which means, you must leave the sanctity of your own exile and join the community.

We can hold a candle for you. That’s what Cosmic Cowgirls do.
Light the way through the darkest places. 

Will you find the cabinet of curiosities that has been collecting your old bones all along?
Skeletons and jars of potential on dusty shelves with feathered things?

Scale and fin, sail and boat, tail, and red cowgirl boots?

Will you join Cirque de Muse and take up the trapeze or mount that white horse?
Will you put on your coat of many paradoxes and do a little jig?
Follow the trail of sequins and smooth beach rocks to the plate of cookies
waiting for you here in the secret rooms. Will you deepen your spiritual path with the Divine through creativity?

Here, the pilgrims of personal revolution and the gypsies of transformation
have called a circle like no other. 
It’s like no other simply because your presence will make it so.

Curated by Shiloh Sophia

Shiloh Sophia has been teaching between 1000-3500 women per month online video classes for the past 8 years. Her unique approach to accessing your information will strengthen your relationship with yourself, your view of the world, and those in your life.

Shiloh has taught the Intentional Creativity Method all over the world including at Universities, in Global Phd programs as well as at the United Nations. She believes Intentional Creativity offers us greater access to ourselves and our stories and when we have that - we have what we need to thrive.

Cosmic Cowgirls has been creating revolution in circle for ten years and counting.

Message from Maestra Shiloh Sophia

Dear One,
This is a 'survival to thrival' dedicated creative practice that came to me last Summer in Italy. Here it is.

Powerfully guided and uniquely personal. You will be led on a journey into your own visionary self to access information hidden from view.

This is not a painting process where you will be painting what Shiloh will be painting. Your journey is your own. Basic techniques will be included from brush handling to paint coverage.

No painting experience needed. This is not for ‘artists’, and is not based in artistic talents.  The intuitive realm will rule the riddles.  Your own symbols. Your own shapes. Your own language will emerge.

Materials: BIG CANVAS - it's for a year and a day so you know what to do. Liquid acrylic paints, heavy body acrylics (esp white), assorted brushes including big ones and also a tiny liner, spray bottle, foam brush, pencil, mixed media journal, black gesso, charcoal, white charcoal pencil, black and white sharpies, Gold leaf (or gold/metallic paint) and gold leaf glue, empty squeezy tube that can make dots, liquitex gloss, medium pallette knife, compass with spot for pencil like at school, big ruler.

Time Investment: 2-6 hours a month, or whatever works for you. 


 $33 monthly membership in an ongoing painting circle.

Join us for a year and day!

Let's go on a voyage
  •  $33 Monthly IMAGINE Women's Painting Circle Membership
    A 12 Month (or longer if you wish) Process  

  • Here's what you get to look forward to:

    Intuitive Creative Practices & Inquiries for your big ole' year long canvas life

  • Guided abstract expressionist + contemporary symbolism painting & drawing 
     for your Muse :  (LIVESTREAMS+Videos) from Shiloh Sophia, Your Curator
  • Visual Journaling & Inquiry prompts videos from Jenafer Joy, Your Voyage Narrator
  • Intentional Creatives Guild, in the Red Thread Cafe with Hobby Parent & Valerie Kravette
  • Monthly women's circles - optional - Red Thread calls with Tina Greene & Jennifer Bowers
  • Development and exploration of your resiliency practice, ala Your Muse


You are invited to an eccentric global painting and art journaling circle. 
Women engaging in an ongoing creative practice as a way to process chaos.

Our next season theme is PROWESS 
with episodes in October, November & December 





Working with paint in image and language. Exploring your soul. Self soothing.  The paintings will come from within, abstract expressionism and contemporary symbolism. No experience needed, but you will want a big paint brush!

You will paint your year and a day while waking up to your own personal medicine. You will include all that you choose. You can pray in paint. Discover who you are. Get access to hidden rooms. Join the Circus of your Muse and see what shows up. Mark current events in dots and lines. Discover the shapes that emotions make. All of it goes in. Nothing held out. ABSOLUTE processing zone.

You are going to need big brushes and a big canvas. But don’t fear. You will be provided with an inquiry, symbol, dares & language framework within which to reveal your own material and voice. We will work with deep themes - as well as creatives practices in everything from sacred geometry, light and dark, drawing our hands, acrylic transfer and marking techniques and patterns. 

This voyage is based in surprise. So the map will not be provided in advance. Like other Cosmic Cowgirls courses you will have to wait and see and enter dangerous territory to see what is hiding in the dark. To look at what you haven’t wanted to look at. Seeking badass mystics, visionaries, Cosmic Cowgirls trick riders. 

If we don’t know what we know, if we have pre-existing stories and beliefs we haven’t de-constructed, if we haven’t chosen our own framework and worldview are we awake?

We can’t control everything but we can be an actively empowered participant in the great unfolding through knowing who we are. You in? That said. It is about discovering through playing. Through poetry. Through your muse probing around in your unconscious seeking access to the secret rooms within your psyche.

You are being called out of exile and into community. Together we strengthen ourselves for the journey ahead.

Calling the Circle of Eccentric Creatives the Red Thread Cafe 
We are here already in the studio of our muses cultivating the alchemy of Awareness Through Creativity, Play, Passion, Process, Psyche & Prowess.

This "membership-only" adventure is for those who dare. Yes of course the white rabbit will be there. I was told not to use "those words" together. White rabbit. White rabbit. White rabbit.

Dive into the taboos housed within your secret rooms and bring them out to play. Develop your own Red Thread Cafe creative practice.

This little spontaneous art studio filming shows a bit of the layering and glazing process we will be working with - wet and wild - with a symoblic language specific to your story and of course moving our bodies to some great dance music and playing as much as we can in the intentional creativity process! In this case, Shiloh Sophia worked with an old story on an existing canvas - you can start fresh or paint over an old one with flair!

hot ticket

$33 monthly painting membership

12 month journey in twice a week emails, once a month calls and monthly Livestream

Cosmic Cowgirls is calling together the eccentric creative ones or those who long to be, to come out as unnacceptabley strangely themselves. To voyage together. A bulletin has been pasted to the walls of every town near you – calling wayward gypsies, weary pilgrims, cosmic cowgirls, medicine women, trick riders, edge-walkers, visionary seers, fringe dwellers, debutantes with paintbrushes, hermits in waiting, exhibitionists and not-the-only-one dreamers.

Questions? shiloh@shilohsophiastudios.com

Jenafer Joy

"The IMAGINE painting journey experience has really ignited my creative juices.....  I love exploring the inquiries with shape and colour on the canvas and having lots of movement in my strokes. I LOVE LOVE LOVE working on such a big canvas. Its exciting to "find" spaces that have subconsciously appeared seeing layer upon layer of processing in a visual format. I am learning a lot about myself with Shiloh and Jena's thought provoking and sometimes quirky inquiry questions and I love how one theme merges into the next and the next. This is a journey that I will remember forever. I get soooo excited to see the emails come in and find out what's happening next..."  

We began IMAGINE in January, but the journey is ongoing. Enrollment opens briefly each quarter, and will open again on September 15th. Only $33 each month provides painting livestreams with Shiloh Sophia, journaling with Jenafer Joy & community calls. 

What happens when I sign up?

As soon as you sign up, you'll receive access to our private "Imagine Dashboard", which is your one-stop access for everything for IMAGINE. You'll instantly receive access to the Opening Episodes & Foundations Livestream videos. You'll want to get your home studio ready and then get started with these videos as soon as possible.  Follow along with the instructions and you will have a background ready to receive the next set of juicy layers. Our process is intended to be non linear. So once you have your foundation, you can add layers from any of the previous episodes in any order or jump in with the first Livestream of the season.

Our first Transcendence livestream together will be on July 20.

With a new livestream available each month.

*Livestreams are not always viewable on an iPad but you will have access to watch all of the videos after.

 Add the Previous Two Seasons of IMAGINE




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IMAGINE has been a raving success since our start in January.

We want everyone to have the opportunity to add in on the color, juiciness and
discoveries from these past seasons. Each episode is designed as a non linear layer. Once you've painted the foundation you can pick and choose what goes next!

You can purchase the entire Season all at once.
Or add any episode a-la-carte for $37 each.

Purchase all 3 PARADOX Episodes for $97

The Intentional Creativity Process for IMAGINE

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Watch part of the opening with
Shiloh Sophia

Monthly Imagine Painting Registration

"This course is one of the most creative and soul awakening experiences I have had as an artist, bar none. Your raw honesty and ability to tap into the inner emotions and places inside me, and subsequently help me transform these feelings into art, has awakened my artistic authenticity and helped me reconnect with my soul.Thank you. I look forward to every single month!!" ~JMC

"I Love IMAGINE because it offers a beautiful Container for all the creativity which we have and also the possibility to include what ever topics are relevant in life, as they occur. Besides that, it encourages us to think outside of the box. The quick, fun and easy exercises which Jena offers are an additional pure joy!" ~ ES

Season 1: PARADOX

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Or Purchase each Episode a-la-carte below for $37




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"I love Imagine because it is non-linear and that's the kind of process I need in my life right now. Imagine is about painting your soul." ~ TS