We are calling together those who desire to be at cause for their own healing, yet know that with support, we are capable of so much more. Each person will choose what they are bringing to the altar of transformation. They will bring that story and energy to the canvas, and to the healers, and open themselves to physical and emotional healing. Each person is their own healer and alchemist - but will receive SUPPORT in renewing themselves from our LADY CLOUD Clinic team of expert Practitioners.


Intuitive Painting + Bodywork + Acupuncture + Movement + Therapy + Subtle Body Anatomy + Ayurvedic Foods = Lady Cloud Clinic's healing arts practice

Lady Cloud Clinic is created in a pure field.

A quantum space created to open ourselves to the highest frequency of healing we can create together.

We have called healers from different modalities to weave with you as you move your energy, reset your levels, upgrade your system and create intentional alignment for body, mind, spirit and soul. The retreat will be curated to create an alchemical experience that is both catalytic and nurturing. You are a creator, and this healing arts practice is designed to give you greater dimensions of access to activate your creative life force.

The Intentional Creativity Method

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