Summer M.U.S.E. DAYS

Join us in person for any or all of our 

Summer Muse Days Classes!

Happening Sunday's in June, July and August  

Attend at Cosmic Cowgirls Ranch: 75 Fremont Drive in Sonoma

We start at noon and go all day until 5'ish

Light your creative fire with the tip of a flaming paintbrush!

Moving Energy & Gaining Access 
Intuitive Intentional Painting

Always a collaboration that comes together to bring you the best of what we have to share!

Intuitive Painting Jams - inspired by the 

Tea with the Midnight Muse, a book of poems

by Shiloh Sophia

*You will be guided in a step by step Intentional Creativity process to access your MUSE and her messages for you.

*Emphasis will be given on the basics of discovering your own style of 'face' using quick Picasso/Matisse style strokes to discover/ reveal her essence.

*We will work with acrylic paint, glitter, sharpies, watercolor paper or 22X30 canvas if you choose. You don't need any experience in painting to enjoy this process.

Please note, this is a women's circle, however, Shiloh's husband Jonathan is the camera man and is in the space.

The painting class was delightful and inspiring. Having two different painting Priestesses, Shiloh and Elizabeth, at the head of the class, showing their special tips and techniques, was a great treat. Each woman and girl, young, old, experienced or not brought forth an amazing piece of art in that short amount of time.

Although there were great step by step instructions, I learned to let the process take me where it would, not trying to make my painting be anything in particular, giving me freedom to play and create as I choose. I let my 5 year old girl run unbounded and she had a fabulous time!

The day was overflowing with a lovely community of special women who shared a special conversations and connections together.

I will be back to play again and look forward to getting to know each of you better as our connection unfolds. Thank you for bringing your dreams forward and sharing them with the women of the world and especially me. ~ SH






"Who is the Muse? Ah...well... we have no idea but we do know she has the key to your hidden rooms so it may be time to invite her to have tea with you and just see what happens."


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*Paint, play, dance and express your wild side.  

*Treat yourself, don't cheat yourself, allow this day to be ALL about you!  

*Light the end of your paintbrush with your creative fire! HOT!  

*Paint your Muse - Watercolor paper + acrylic paint, sharpies, Glitter provided.
Note: If you prefer to paint on canvas, you're welcome to bring one with you.

*BYOB - Bring your own brushes (or borrow ours) and smock.

*Coffee, tea, chocolate and snacks provided. Bring a sack lunch, or order a sandwich from the deli. We have CAKE at the end of the day!

*Be supported in your process through Intentional Creativity Guild Members

Come spend the day in Sonoma with your Muse and...

 I confess to being a little skeptical about some of the New Age methods of teaching art but my entire experience was so well worth the time and money what they have created at the cosmic cowgirls is interesting environment for a different kind of painting a painting I didn't even know I needed an unblocked and cleared emotions I hadn't realized I was carrying. Thank you so much Shiloh and Elizabeth and your assistant Simone and Mary ~ EK

Have a birthday coming up? We will have cake for you! Why not include this as part of your celebration? 

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Returning Students: Come in studio and join us again - use promo code "muse45" for $45 savings on tuition.

RSVP for all 3 & recieve a $75 tuition savings!

Ideas for attending - We do fill up, space is limited to 20 - so save your place soon.