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Amazing views nestled
between the mountains and sea

Shiloh Sophia & the Intentional Creatives Guild brings you daylong
intuitive painting jams around the globe to light the FUSE of your MUSE! 

In-Person ~ On-Stream ~ On-the-Road :
California. France. Oregon. Connecticut. Ohio. Arizona. New Mexico. Australia. Italy. Sweden. Virginia. South Africa. Michigan. El Salvador. Washington. Denmark.

The Muse is coming to a town near you hosted by Color of Woman Teachers!

These events are inspired by Shiloh Sophia's book release: Tea with the Midnight Muse


Here's what it's all about:

Dear One,

I am Shiloh Sophia and I am a part of a global tribe of women creatives who are bringing revolutionary art classes to the world. This is a dream many years in the making through my work with Cosmic Cowgirls and Intentional Creativity. 

The MUSE DAYS are led by women who are certified graduates of the COLOR of WOMAN Training who have become Guild Members. I will be hosting and  streaming events in my location in Sonoma, Cosmic Cowgirls Ranch ~ and the members will be hosting in their own in their communities. Most of their events will be in person, OR in combination with the global stream I will be offering my days. Circles of magic! Did you know brushes are magic wands?

Our theme is MUSE and lighting your Creative Fire - because the MUSE lights the FUSE.  Each event is unique to the woman leading it, yet there will be certain Muse Sparks that are the same at each gathering. Like What? Well let me tell you....Muse painting gets energy moving. Stories  begin to unfurl. Playfulness begins to dance. At each event there will be intuitive painting with BOLD colors and daring demos. There will be chocolate. There will be Red Thread. 

There will be a teaching on how to MOVE your energy from the stuck places. There will be poetry read from my new book, released in February 2017, Tea with the Midnight Muse. There will be INTENTION setting so powerful that you will gain a new sense of how to ACCESS your creative fire when you need it. No experience needed. Really. You got this and it is time to play! 

See you in the studio!

Light your creative fire with the tip of a flaming paintbrush!

<..: M.U.S.E. DAYS..:> 

Intuitive Painting Jams with Intentional Creativity Teachers

Moving Energy & Gaining Access 
Intuitive Intentional Painting
..:MUSE DAYS at Cosmic Cowgirls Ranch..: 

Questions or coming from out of town and want lodging? email

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to receive a partial scholarship of $25 off tuition if needed to make this possible for you join us.

All of the Shiloh Sophia's MUSE DAYS will ALSO feature book tour readings for Tea with the Midnight Muse

Intentional Creativity Muse Days

More to come!
In Studio - Jessica Bowman

McCloud CA

INTENTIONAL CREATIVITY is coming to a town near you!


75 Fremont Dr, Sonoma CA45 minutes from SF!
$75 Livestream or Recording (enter code MuseDays for $25 off scholarship)
$145 Daylong in Studio with Shiloh


More to come!
In Studio - Nadya King
McMinnville OR

These GLOBAL MUSE Days are organized as part of the book release for Shiloh Sophia's long awaited book, Tea with the Midnight Muse.

At each of the MUSE days, poetry will be read from the book as part of the red thread moving around the world bringing the poetry, image and inquiry that is the foundation of Intentional Creativity. 

This book features over 20 years of Shiloh's writings to her community, the Red Thread Cafe and offers Invocations and Inquiries for Awakening.

Receive instant access to Shiloh's book release celebration from February. The celebration includes Shiloh reading the introduction, sharing the dedication to her Mother Caron McCloud and offering a reading of the poems.  

Always a collaboration that comes together to bring you the best of what we have to share!

Dec 2-3 (in Spanish)
In Studio - Emily Grieves
Teotihuacan, Mexico

More to come!
In Studio - Brunehilde Yvrande

More to Come! 
 In Studio - Kendall Sarah Scott

Santa Fe, NM

More to come!
Andrea Christensen
Sonoma CA

Dec 7
In Studio - Coach Evelyne
Traverse City, MI

More to come!
In Studio - Jassy Watson
Innes Park Qld Australia

Dec 16
In Studio - Cynthia Harrison
Perth Australia

More to come!
 In Studio - Elizabeth Dolan

El Salvador

More to come!
In Studio - Valerie Kravette
Tucson AZ

More to come!
Heidi Sequoia Moondancer
Salem OR

More to Come!
Online - Lorraine Tilbury
Pernay, Centre, France

More to come!
In Studio - Eileen Nash
Burlingame, CA

"Who is the Muse? Ah...well... we have no idea but we do know she has the key to your hidden rooms so it may be time to invite her to have tea with you and just see what happens."

More to Come!
In Studio - The World of JP Kim
San Francisco CA

  • Come paint, play, dance and express your wild side.
  • Treat yourself, don't cheat yourself through allowing a day to be ALL about you.

  • Light the end of your paintbrush with your creative fire! HOT!

  • Watercolor paper + acrylic paint & sharpies & Glitter provided. 

  • BYOB - Bring your own brushes (or borrow ours)

  • Coffee, tea, chocolate and snacks provided. Bring a sack lunch.

More to Come!
In Studio - Katy Morse
Port Townsend WA

More to come!
In Studio - Hobby Parent
Charlottesville VA

More to come!
In Studio - Grace Steenberg

Dec 2
In Studio - Catt Z
Redlands CA

More to come!
In Studio - Katherine Witteman
Portland OR

More to Come!
Cosmic Cowgirls Ranch - Kerry Lee 
Sonoma CA

More to come!
In Studio - Elizabeth Gibbons 
San Francisco CA


More to come!
In Studio - Trish O'Malley 
San Francisco CA

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More to come!
In Studio - Jennifer Russell 
New Brunswick Canada

More to come!
In Studio - Mary Ann Matthys 
Houston TX

More to come!
In Studio - Tina Greene 
Sacramento CA

Intentional Creativity Muse Days

More to Come!
In Studio - Peggy Papay
Tucson AZ

Nov 18 Muse Day

Intentional Creativity Muse Days

More to come!
In Studio - Sepha Nisbet
McMinnville OR

More to come!
In Studio - Kate Langlois
San Francisco CA

Intentional Creativity Muse Days

1st Sat each month
In Studio-Marihet Hammann
South Africa

More to come!
In Studio - Jessica Enevold